Thursday, June 26, 2014

The "20th Century Limited"

Location:   New York to Chicago
Year:   1902

In 1938, the 20th Century Limited was upgraded with Art Deco streamlined locomotives and cars

From 1902 to 1967, the 20th Century Limited was the primary form of passenger transportation between New York and Chicago via "the water level route" --- up the Hudson River, along the Mohawk River, through Buffalo, and along Lake Erie. The trip took about 16 hours.

The 20th Century Limited logo

Traveling between Grand Central Station in NYC and LaSalle Street Station in Chi-Town, the 20th Century Limited had gourmet food, elegant Pullman cars, and comfortable accommodations. Mail carried on the train had a special cancellation stamp. Lapel flowers for men's suits and perfume for the ladies were standard "extras" given to each passenger as they boarded. Not for nothing was it called "The Most Famous Train In The World." 

The solarium in the observation car

Entraining and detraining passengers walked along a red carpet to approach and leave the train, and the New York Central Railroad called this innovation "giving passengers the red-carpet treatment." 

In 1947, the "Hickory Creek" sleeping cars added a new level of comfort to the 20th Century Limited

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