Sunday, March 30, 2014

Borden's Dairy

Location:  Chenango County
Year:   1857

Gail Borden Jr., the inventor of the milk condenser, established the Borden Dairy in Chenango County in 1857. Borden's became successful during the Civil War as the primary purveyor of condensed milk to the Union Army. 

In 1875, after the Civil War, Borden's began selling pasteurized and homogenized milk commercially, and pioneered the use of glass bottles (as opposed to tins or cans) in 1885. The company invented evaporated milk in 1892. During World War II, it invented non-dairy creamer, instant coffee, and other food products which became part of the standard c-rations of the miltary.

Borden's was for a long time the largest diary in the United States, manufacturing cheese, cheese products, ice cream, and snack cakes. Poor business planning led to the contraction of this vastly diversified company in the 1990s. 

At its peak, and taking advantage of its vast cattle herds, the company went into the adhesives and chemicals business and invented the popular product Elmer's Glue-All, which was, in fact, made out of Elmer.    

Elsie The Cow (presumably Elmer's wife) was introduced as the company's spokescow in 1937. 

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