Monday, July 21, 2014

The Secret of Silver Street

Location:   Patchogue, New York
Year:   After 1945

William Patrick Hitler (1911-1987), who Adolf Hitler called, "My loathsome nephew,"  was the son of Alois Hitler Jr., Adolf Hitler's half-brother.

"Willy" Hitler was born in 1911 in Liverpool. During the prewar years of National Socialist Germany, Willy lived high off the Nazi hog, using his family connections to live the life of a playboy, carousing with showgirls, drinking heavily, cadging money from high Nazi officials, driving the most expensive German automobiles which he got for free, and generally making a high-profile pest of himself to his totalitarian uncle, who seemed to be powerless to stop him. According to many sources, Willy knew a family secret --- and Der Fuhrer was terrified that he might spill the beans.   

As the clouds of war gathered over Europe, Willy returned to England, arriving there in 1939. Again, he capitalized on his family connection, working for MI-6 and doing anti-Nazi propaganda spots for public broadcast. 

After a brief time in Britain, Willy moved to New York City. Again, he used his name to work for the State Department, feeding information to the American government.  

After 1945, Willy changed his name to "Patrick _______________" (the family's new last name is closely-kept information), and moved from New York City out to Patchogue on Long Island, where he bought an unobtrusive house on Silver Street. He kept a low profile, though he spoke German at home with his family (oddly enough, as he had been raised by his English mother in Liverpool). A few of the neighbors noted "Patty"'s distinct resemblance to Adolf Hitler, but no one knew him as anything but Patty who kept very much to himself/  Perhaps a little "Boys From Brazil"-like, Patty ran a small business out of his house --- doing blood tests. 

He married and raised four Baby Boomer sons with a passion for The Beatles, named Alexander, Louis, Howard and Brian, before he died in 1987 at age 76.

Howard died in a car accident in 1989. The other brothers continued low-profile jobs, Alexander as a social worker, Louis and Brian with their own landscaping business.  None of them have children. They are the last members of Adolf Hitler's paternal bloodline.

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