Sunday, April 27, 2014

White Deer in Romulus

Location:   Romulus, New York
Year:   1941

The Seneca Army Depot is a large, now-abandoned military base in Romulus, a town in western-central New York lying between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region. 

The area is full of wildlife, but the Seneca Depot was cordoned off in 1941. It remains cordoned off despite being sold in 1993. As a result, generations of animals on the property have become highly inbred.  Among them is an unusual herd of white deer, the largest in the world, numbering some 300 individuals. The deer are protected, and an organization called Seneca White Deer assures that they are neither poached nor hunted.

Although people speculate that the white deer are the result of some top secret, nefarious military experiment carried on at Seneca Depot, other white deer exist elsewhere in the world, and the odds are that the appearance of the white deer is simply a matter of genetics.

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